1. Pureed Vegetables:

Pureed Vegetables

 Mashed vegetables that are not visible can be added to some foods, because they reduce the calories consumed. Some researchers added mashed cauliflower and zucchini to the well-known pasta and cheese dish, but people did not feel the difference, and they liked the dish as they liked it previously, in contrast, as people consumed 200-350 calories, which is the lowest calories consumed than the usual dish.

2. Eggs And Sausages:

Eggs And Sausages

 Some studies have shown that eating a protein-rich breakfast can provide the body with a feeling of satiety throughout the day, which reduces the amount of food consumed between meals. In a study conducted on a group of young obese women, they were provided with 35 grams of protein at breakfast, which reduced their total consumption of fatty foods and sugars by the end of the day, compared with women who started their day by consuming cereal for breakfast.

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