For two long years, she was walking around with a unique necklace her boyfriend handmade for her. Two years! and never knowing anything about that necklace.

Man Gives His Girlfriend a Necklace – When She Opens It Two Years Later She Is Left Shaking

For a couple of years, Anna was wearing a unique necklace her boyfriend Terry handmade for her. Two years! and not knowing anything about this weird-looking necklace.

Anna and Terry are a happy couple from Australia and they’re that kind of couple that was made for each other. Before they were officially a couple they were really close friends for 4 years, they eventually found out that they should be together, but Terry was the first to feel some type of way towards Anna so he made the first move. So without further ado, here is a remarkable story of inspiration, love, perseverance, and luck (as the necklace could have been lost somewhere along those 2 years).

1. An Entire Year Together


They were both more than ready so they eventually made things official. The 2 of them jumped right into a relationship and had been together for a year, so Terry was eager to find Anna the right gift for their anniversary.

He not only enjoyed giving gifts in general, but he also expected that this would be one of their most special and unforgettable anniversaries – their first year together. So, after much deliberation, he opted to make his own.

But did he go too far? That’s up for you to decide.

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